Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Love This City

I bought a used Nikon d40 a couple months ago in hopes of teaching myself some photography skills. Most photographers I talked to said the best way to learn was to just grab your camera and snap whenever, wherever. Eventually you'll learn what lighting is best when, what shutter speeds to use, interesting angles, etc. Well lesson #1 of self-taught photography, don't become photo happy at 10am on a Sunday morning when it's 95 degrees outside. After 15 minutes I was melting.

However, aside from the almost self induced heat stroke I think I actually got some pretty good shots of some iconic Austin spots. Many of these are my favorite artwork on buildings and business signs around town.

{Stephen F. Austin mural on Campus}
{I love my college! I'll go ahead and brag and say UT has the most beautiful campus!}

{Lauren Simkins this shot of the six-pack is for you!}

{More artwork on buildings at UT}
These next few photos below were taken on South Congress.
{Just thought this graffiti was too sweet. Joe's coffee shop must have thought so too; glad they left that message on the side of their building.}
{Can't see too good in this but the statue on top of Lucy in Disguise is a zebra dressed up like the Miss Chiquita from the banana ads. Definitely coolest costume shop ever.}

This last photo was my favorite shot of the day and probably my favorite piece of building art that I've come across in Austin. Is it weird that if I ever get married, I would love to take a wedding photo next to this mural? 


  1. You definitely got some good shots :)

  2. i've never been there!! i've been to every state but never this city.

  3. UT is definitely a gorgeous campus! Having gone to school there for 2 years, I miss Austin so so much! Gorgeous photos :]