Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dirty Dancing

Just finished watching Dirty Dancing for about the millionth time and I swear I always watch it like its the first time I've ever seen it. However, this time I couldn't get over how all of "Baby's" ensembles in the movie were so incredibly cute! I immediately went and made my own little outfit inspiration board inspired by a few of her iconic looks in the movie, with a modern twist.

-Miso Knot Stripe T-Shirt, $20
-White Broderie Crop Top, $28
-INCEDE Light Ounce Denim Shirt, $54
-Roxanne low-rise White Denim, $200
-Current Elliot Crop Jeans $590
-TOMS Red/orange Women's Classic, $48
-Classique 'Gatsby' Swiss Quartz Watch, $110
-Oversized Pearl Studs, $6.76
-Ray-Ban Classic Clubmaster, $145

Ah white jeans, breezy tied crop tops and the most comfy flats you'll ever slip on. These outfits epitomize classic, comfortable, and 'chic without the effort' summer wear.

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  1. I love this board! I totally want to dress like that all summer!