Thursday, July 1, 2010

Don't Worry, Be Happy

This week, today especially, has been very trying for me. I don't do well with stress, so these days as soon as things get me down I immediately try to remind myself of things make me happy, reassess goals that I'm striving for, and think of all the wonderful things around me. These images are all of those things to me.

{perfect image to describe how me and my friends act on a daily basis. I wouldn't trade them for the world}
{I truly believe that the ocean is good for the soul. I miss it so much}
{how cute are these little girls shoes. let's go swing at the park soon.}
{so inspiring: make your own magic in life}
{and this amazing place, I will one day call home}

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend, and remember another wonderful thing to be thankful for, our freedom. Many, many thanks to the heroes of our country that gave us that freedom, and continue to pray for those who are still fighting to keep it today. God Bless America.

Photos: weheartit

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