Monday, June 7, 2010

Pirate Radio

So I finally had a Saturday off this weekend and after a long, fun night out with friends I was in definite need of some couch potato time. I always keep a list of books to read, music to download, and movies to watch on some sticky notes on my laptop desktop. With my new found free time I thought it was the perfect time to cross off one of those movie I had put off seeing for such a long time. And so I spent the next hour and fifty seven minutes watching a movie that is now at the top of my favorites list, Pirate Radio.

This movie was laugh out loud funny and total "rule-breaking" inspiring. The movie is about how British Parliament outlaws rock n' roll radio stations in the 60's. Large ships were anchoring off the coast of Britain, just out of law's rule and broadcasted their shows to millions of British fans. Pirate Radio epitomizes the "eff-authority" attitude of the 1960's era and I loved every minute of it.

Not only was it incredibly fun watching a group of middle-aged (and one very young, hot Tom Sturridge I might add), music loving, hippy men broadcast illegal music to thousands of screaming brits but the soundtrack was absolutely amazing! From Smoky Robinson and the Miracles, to The Beach Boys, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix and The Who, Pirate Radio was completely successful in including a plethora of influential bands from the time period. I immediately bought the soundtrack on itunes and haven't stopped listening to it yet! I would definitely give this flick two thumbs up!

After the movie deepened my love of the awesome 1960's I looked around the web for some iconic images to leave you with:


So in the spirit of the '60's, Peace Love & Rock N' Roll! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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