Thursday, April 7, 2011

California Dreamin'

Another weekend getaway has come and gone, but thankfully my vacation state of mind hasn't completely left. Instead of stressing to the max about tests, internships, events I need to be at and work, I've been surprisingly calm (and actually getting enough sleep!) this week.

I'm attributing this new found stress release to my quick weekend trip to L.A. and Southern California. The people, the atmosphere, the weather, and the great company I had with me made it a well relaxed weekend that was way overdue.

 {almost there!!}
 {toes in the sand will always be the best pedicure}
So excited that I got to have a quick meeting over coffee with one of my favorite bloggers, B. Jones Style! She gave the best shopping recommendations - I have to make another quick back soon to hit all the stops - advice, and insight for breaking into and being successful in the fashion industry. Such a sweet, down-to-earth lady, couldn't have asked for a better way to kick off my trip! Thanks again!
 {this place has the best vanilla chai latte I've had - if your in Costa Mesa definitely stop!}
{beautiful Corona Del Mar}
{Corona Del Mar}

But vacation is over and even though I will, luckily, get at least a month of down time before my move to NYC, interning in a huge city, the reality of graduation, getting a "real" job, and grad school are all looming overhead and I can't help but admit I'm scared! Just need to remember to take this stress-free state of mind with me through it all...

 {view of Santa Monica from the ferris wheel}
{Santa Monica Pier}

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