Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Language: Going Green in Style

Today I wanted to feature a great bag line that has become quite popular lately. The line is called One Language and they offer printed canvas bags that are made from natural cotton canvas. For those of you who read my blog I love everything organic and natural (save the world! and these lovely ladies are doing it one bag at a time) so I was sure to be a fan right away.
Two sisters from NYC started the line and they totally have the background for this to be a huge success (it really already is!!); one sister graduated from Cornell while the other graduated from Parsons! Smart and fashion savvy? These are my kind of ladies!

I've been impressed by all things One Language so far. The bags are simple yet super modern, functional, and stylish; they are taking the canvas tote in a new direction. I even fell in love with their website! It has such a vintage, turn of the century New York feel and I loved how their inspiration tab is simply filled with their mood board that got them going.
You can find these bags at any local Nordstrom or you can order one from their online website, One Language. You better hurry though, because they are flying off the shelves!

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