Monday, October 18, 2010

Bon La Vu

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Bon La Vu's fall fashion show and launch party at a great little rooftop bar in downtown Austin. Guests were greeted with a red carpet photo then led upstairs for some drinks and mingling before the fashion show kicked off around 9pm.
There was some amazing pieces courtesy of local Austin designers and boutiques; from leggings completely adorned in silver spikes, to several modern versions of the little black dress, and some of the cutest tapered trousers that I've seen in a long time. I found myself wishing that a lot of these items would find their way to my closet immediately!
{Eboni Spencer}
{Beverly Foreman}
{Britany Walker}
For those of you that aren't familiar with Bon La Vu here is a little background info. Bon La Vu is this great new online boutique that offers one completely styled outfit per day created and put together by local Austin designers, boutiques, and Bon La Vu stylists. Customers will be able to purchase either the complete outfit or individual items. And the greatest part of purchasing items from Bon La Vu, everything is tailored to fit your exact measurements.
{Lisa Del Dotto}
{Connie Dowdle}
{Connie Dowdle}
Casey Grooms is the man behind this new concept of the typical online boutique. Grooms said that this concept sprung from his experiences in traveling and not being able to access some of his favorite local designers from overseas when he got back into the states, and so Bon La Vu was born. Having only started his company in June 2010, I was incredibly impressed by the following that Grooms and his team have already. The show had a great turn out and I'm excited to see how this new concept of online shopping will be received by the public. Good luck Bon La Vu team and thanks for having us out, it was a great time and wonderful show!
{Casey Grooms and Brianna Fleet}
{Mercedes Trahan, Casey Grooms, Me}

For anyone in attendance last night that would like more photos of the show please feel free to email me at and I would be happy to get those to you!


  1. Very nicely written piece about the Launch Party. I was one of the handbag designers in last night's show. My company is and I had a round pumpkin colored tote and a green leaf shaped clutch. It was a fun night and the size of the venue made it more intimate, less pretentious. Thank you for posting this piece which I will now get busy sharing...

  2. Thank you for attending and we hope you had a great evening! There were TONS of fabulous designers there, including GabsBags!

    Hope to chat with you soon again!

    Bon La Vu

  3. Great article! I also have some photos on my photo site from the show, kinda wish I had a bit of time to chat with everyone but was too busy running around...

    Hope to meet you again soon!