Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On To The Next One

For the fourth time in 4 years I will be moving into another apartment here in Austin in three short weeks. I've only lived in my current apartment for just over a year and I never fully decorated my room. I had bare white walls (which unfortunately are still bare and still white) so in an attempt to decorate I bought a new duvet, some cute curtains and some new shelves, but nothing really ever seemed to cohesively fit in there as much as I would have liked. So moving into a new place I'm going to take the initiative to decorate my room fully. I love urban outfitters apartment section so I spent a little time online shopping to pick out some wish list items that I will hopefully purchase in the next coming weeks to furnish my new little abode.

I'm also looking for a great cheap chair, some good curtains, I've been dying for the perfect shag rug and of course some wall art to finally complete the room. Figured this was a good color palette and some good starter pieces to get my decorating gears going. Do you have any fun decorating tips? Would love to hear them!

All items can be found on urbanoutfitters.com


  1. I love Urban outfitters apartment stuff! That duvet cover is so pretty.

  2. decorating a new space is always so fun! enjoy it!